Learn how to use Milsek Furniture Polish! Watch our video demonstrations and learn how to bring the old shine of your furniture back.

The best way to polish your furniture is with our Original Milsek Furniture Polish & Multi-Purpose Cleaner. To use, simply pour some of the product onto a slightly dampened cloth and wipe in the direction of the grain. In just a few gentle strokes, the dirt and dust will disappear and be replaced with nourishing oils, leaving the wood looking shiny and new.

All that’s left to do is enjoy the fresh, clean smell and appearance of a job well done.

Regular cleaning with a reliable product like Milsek Gun Cleaner & Oil is vital for keeping your firearm operating safely and correctly. Our cleaner effectively cleans your firearm in just a few seconds, leaving it smooth and shiny. Maintain your gun’s value and extend its life by using Milsek Gun Cleaner & Oil every time you use your firearm, and after long periods of storage.

Keep your leather and vinyl surfaces clean with our special formula that is strong enough to clean dirt and remove stains while nourishing at the same time. Milsek Leather and Vinyl Cleaner and Conditioner gently removes impurities and leaves behind the ultimate shine. Our product does not contain harmful waxes or silicones that cause build-up, so you can be confident when using it on leather furniture, jackets, purses, boots, saddles, and car interiors.

Maintaining the new look and feel of stainless steel appliances can be a challenge. Luckily, Milsek has a product for that. Our coconut-scented Stainless Steel Cleaner is the only product you need for cleaning and polishing stainless steel around your home. To use, simply pour a small amount of Milsek Stainless Steel cleaner onto a towel and gently wipe the dirty area. In just a few moments, you will be left with a clean, streak-free, and high-gloss stainless steel surface once again!

Milsek stainless steel cleaner is great for use on kitchen appliances, metal patio furniture, car rims, bicycle chrome, and stainless steel grills.