Learn how to use Milsek Furniture Polish! Watch our video demonstrations and learn how to bring the old shine of your furniture back.

The best way to polish furniture with Milsek is to pour some of the product on a cleaning cloth and wipe down the surface. 

Watch how the dirt and the dust disappear, and the shine returns to your furniture.

Trying to learn how to make wood polish at home? Mix Milsek Lemon-Oil Furniture Cleaner & Polisher with some water and - voila! 

Wondering how to clean your firearms properly? We’ve got a product for that, too!
Our Milsek Gun Stock & Barrel Cleaner is everything you need to keep your firearms smooth and shiny all the time.

Find out how to clean leather at home - watch the video to see how our Leather Cleaner & Conditioner works on leather and vinyl surfaces.

You can also pour Milsek polish directly onto the surface and wipe it. However, be sure to use caution when using this method.

Milsek Furniture cleaners & polishers are oil-based, so keep that in mind when using around carpets to avoid any unwanted staining.